Here’s what a Cowboys trade for Matthew Stafford could look like


The Cowboys are doing their due diligence on Matthew Stafford. So what would a trade look like?

It’s always fun to play devil’s advocate, isn’t it? After reports surfaced earlier this week that the Cowboys might consider trading for Matthew Stafford rather than signing Dak Prescott to a lucrative deal, the natural question followed: What would it take to acquire the former No. 1 overall pick from Detroit?

The Lions are reportedly starting conversations demanding at least one first-round pick. From there, some young talent would help sweeten the deal. For Dallas, it’s an easy match, given they have the No. 10 overall pick. From there, offering the likes of Michael Gallup would benefit Detroit greatly, as they’re on pace to lose Kenny Golladay in free agency. With one more affordable year left on Gallup’s contract, it’s an easy yes for the Lions.

Of course, should the Lions press for more, a second or third-round pick in 2022 can sweeten the pot. This is Stafford we’re talking about.

How realistic is a Cowboys trade for Stafford?

The Cowboys have a habit of unnecessary flirtations. That’s what this is. In what might be an attempt to bring Prescott’s price tag given his injury issues, it sure seems like the Cowboys leaked that they’re interested in Stafford.

Sure, Dallas has the collateral to trade for Stafford. It’s been suggested that their final offer could involve both their first-round pick and one of their veteran wideouts. That’s where Gallup comes in, and it might not even be a necessary throw-in. The Lions have reportedly been underwhelmed with the offers for Stafford thus far.

Stafford would fit in well in the Cowboys offense. First, Kellen Moore can incorporate pretty much anyone, but Stafford has the arm talent and ability to extend plays in similar fashion to Prescott. If anything, the caliber of the offense would look rather similar.

The question remains, though: Why get rid of a good thing? The Cowboys have their franchise quarterback. They ought to end the charade.

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