Open thread: Could Kenny Golladay come back to the Lions?

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Free agency has been relatively slow for the Detroit Lions, with most of their changes coming from subtractions rather than additions. That’s to be expected for a team that’s just about committed to tanking in 2021. Or, for those of you triggered by that word, they’ve committed to not competing for anything meaningful other than the first overall pick in the 2022 draft. While the rest of the league has been moving quickly, the wide receivers market has been awfully stagnant.

Question of the day: Could Kenny Golladay still come back to the Lions?

My answer: I don’t see it happening.

Word on the street was that Kenny Golladay turned down as much as $18 million per year from the Lions sometime in the past year. With the stagnant market, he’s likely looking at $15-16 million instead, and that’s on the rich end of the spectrum.

Golladay is in his prime and doesn’t want to spend that on a rebuild and learn a new scheme with a downgrade at quarterback. Likewise, with the Lions tightening the belt this offseason there’s no reason to believe they’d handcuff themselves to such a rich contract when they know it won’t get them anything meaningful for a couple years. If they were willing to pay that much, they would have just given him the franchise tag.

Do you think there’s any possibility the stagnant market brings Golladay back to Detroit? Let us know in the poll, in the comments, and on social media.


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