Lions free agency Week 1 recap podcast: Grading every move

Pride of Detroit

After a week into the new NFL league calendar year, the Detroit Lions have already shifted the nature of the roster. Out and gone is much of the Patriots-inspired defense, and in its place are new players who represent a radical change in the nature of the squad.

With Jamaal Williams and Michael Brockers headlining the new additions to the Lions (and Kenny Golladay headlining the departures), there’s plenty to talk about on this week’s Pride Of Detroit PODcast. We’re reviewing each position and discussing the additions and subtractions to each unit, plus we’re laying out what kind of work still needs to be done and where the team is really missing pieces.

We’re evaluating what still needs to be done for the draft too, and arguing whether or not the Lions situation entering the draft has changed at all. This, of course, means still arguing about Kyle Pitts and the very nature of trying to “tank” in the NFL and whether that’s a valid course of action or not.

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