POLL: Would you like to see the Lions play in London this year?

Pride of Detroit

The last time the Detroit Lions played in London was in 2015. They lost in a massacre to the Kansas City Chiefs which promptly cost Joe Lombardi his job as offensive coordinator. They won overseas the previous year on a game winning 48-yard field goal from Matt Prater. It’s been a while, but there’s a chance that the Lions could be heading back to London in 2021, and it could be a rematch against the Atlanta Falcons.

On Thursday, the Falcons announced that they would be hosting a game in London against one of their five non-divisional opponents—the Lions included. If the Lions do get chosen, then this matchup would count as one of their nine “away” games during the 17-game season.

The full 2021 NFL schedule is expected to be released sometime in April.

Today’s Question of the Day is…

Do you want to see the Lions play in London this year?

My answer: Yes.

I’m a big fan of seeing my team play as early as possible, so waking up at 9 a.m. ET and immediately turning the TV on to watch a Lions game is a perfect way to start a Sunday (until they find a way to ruin the rest of my day).

Another reason why I’d like to see the Lions in London is the opportunity to go to an overseas game myself. The next time they appear in the International Series is the time I might have to finally make it a point to travel to Europe.

What are your thoughts, Lions fans?


Would you like to see the Lions play in London this year?

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180 votes total

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