Open thread: Which positions would you not take in the first round?

Pride of Detroit

Let’s ignore the Detroit Lions roster right now—for weeks, we’ve hammered home that it’s fairly raw from top to bottom. Objectively, some positions carry a lot more value than others in the draft. For a dramatic example, you get a lot more value out of taking a quarterback than a nose tackle. That being said, the Lions’ roster and their needs aside, there are some positions that should be off limits in the first round.

Question of the day: Which positions would you not take in the first round?

My answer: I think linebacker, tight end, running back, interior linemen, and interior defensive tackle are all off the board for me.

Let me put a disclaimer first that this is exceptions aside—when you have a Quentin Nelson, Aaron Donald, *whispers* Kyle Pitts in the first round, those are guys who redefine the boundaries of their positions and are game changers who warrant first round picks. For most others at those positions, however, they typically don’t make your team improve enough to warrant such high picks.

There’s a reason that the positions typically taken in the first round are the ones that have massive contracts; I’m talking QBs, WRs, tackles, edge rushers, etc. Players like guards and linebackers can typically be signed at above average skill levels in free agency for way less than an above average skill position would cost. Thus, getting a good one high in the draft gets you great value, even if they don’t live up to their full potential.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the Dallas Cowboys, aka the worst defense in the NFL last season, in spite of having arguably the strongest linebacking corps for the last several years.

Which positions would you stay away from in the first round? Let’s hear it.

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