Mailbag: Who are some mid-first round options if the Lions trade down?

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Too often as fans, we narrow our scope for the NFL Draft. We focus heavily on the players that may be available when our team picks—specifically in the first round—and fail to look at the surrounding players that could be our team’s choice if they decide to trade up or trade down (I’m 100 percent guilty of this).

Obviously, an NFL general manager can’t approach the draft this way. For them to properly assess if they want to stay with their original pick, trade up or trade down, they need to know everything they can about every player in the draft—even if they have no intentions of drafting a guy. Knowing a player’s value to other teams can be just as important as know their value to you.

So on this week’s Locker Room podcast, we answer a fan’s question: Who would be available to the Detroit Lions if they decide to trade down in the first round? We know the cast of characters at seven or even if the Lions surprise us by trading up, but what if Detroit slides back into the teens or 20s? Which players fit what the Lions are doing and who could even be candidates if the Lions decide to jump back up in towards the end of the first round?

Myself, Erik Schlitt and Ryan Mathews answer that question and a lot more on our live call-in show via the Locker Room app. If you want to join our session next time, download the Locker Room app (currently available only on iOS), follow @PrideOfDetroit, add the Detroit Lions as your favorite team, and open up the app at 10:30 a.m. ET on Saturday to catch our live shows.

Or if you’re fine just listening to the show on demand, we put it on our podcast feed, which you can access on any of your favorite platforms: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or iHeartRadio.

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