POLL: What is the best day of the NFL Draft?

Pride of Detroit

We’re now just single digit days away from the 2021 NFL Draft. Nine days from Tuesday, 32 teams will make critical decisions that will impact their franchise’s future for years to come. For the Detroit Lions, it’s a chance to kickstart an overdue rebuild. For other teams, it’s the opportunity to fill the final hole or two on the roster with a talented player that could help them in the immediate and in the future.

For us fans, the NFL Draft has become a pure source of entertainment. While many die-hard football fans enjoy the draft from a team-building perspective, the NFL has done a pretty good job turning the event into something that’s full of drama and emotions and high production value. You don’t have to be into scouting and prospects to enjoy the draft anymore. It’s quite a set of days.

But it seems like each draft watcher has their own favorite moment of draft weekend. Some love the drama of the first few picks in the draft. Others love Day 3, where the best scouting teams really flex their muscle.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

Which day of the NFL Draft is your favorite?

My answer: It’s Day 1 and it’s not even close. First-round prospects are often there at the draft, and we literally watch live as they see their dreams come true. The scenarios we’ve played out in mock draft after mock draft finally come to fruition, and the players most likely to dominate this league find their new home. Plus, high-impact trades are agreed upon as we all hold our breaths while the clock ticks away.

There’s no offseason drama in any sport better than the first round of the NFL draft, and that’s the kind of entertainment I’m looking for these days. I respect those that want to test their scouting chops on Day 3 of the draft, but with picks coming in and largely ignored by the broadcast crew—and most of the players having a ceiling of special teams contributor—Day 3 runs on far too long for my waning interest. Day 2 is just a slightly watered down Day 1.

Your turn.


What day of the NFL Draft is your favorite?

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    Day 2 (Rounds 2 and 3)

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    Day 3 (Round 4-7)

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