Open thread: What would be the Lions’ equivalent of the Rams’ war room?

Pride of Detroit

The LA Rams are going swanky this draft season by converting a Malibu beach house into their war room. For those wondering just how fancy it looks, here’s a preview.

The Lions don’t exactly have a Malibu in Michigan, but let’s guess what the closest thing to it would be.

Question of the day: Where would the Lions’ equivalent of the Rams’ war room be located?

My answer: If I had to guess, it would be either by the sand dunes off of Lake Michigan or up north, someplace like Petoskey.

Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell rent a mansion in Petoskey with a bird’s eye view overlooking the bay. The waves roll in as the sun sets; in the background, the NFL draft jingle plays. Golden hour projects through the window right onto the draft board, highlighting a singular name: Justin Fields.

Okay, I’m getting a little carried away. Where do you think the Lions’ equivalent of a Malibu war room would be? Let’s hear it.

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