Detroit Lions approval poll: Dan Campbell (July 2021)

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We all know that Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell won’t be considered a success or failure for at least a few years. The man has yet to coach an NFL game in Detroit, and most seem willing to give Year 1 a pass anyways. So whether Campbell is the right guy for the job won’t likely be decided until 2022 at the absolute earliest. Chances are it’ll be another year or two after that before we can feel confident in our evaluation of Campbell.

Still, we’ve already got a pretty good idea of who Campbell is as a person. The Lions head coach has not shied away from letting his personality shine in his first six months on the job. Whether it was his energetic introductory press conference, his emotional moment stepping onto the Lions practice field for the first time since his days as a player, or his goofiness inside the Lions draft war room, Campbell has been himself and unapologetically so.

But it’s not all just about his personality. Campbell has also turned heads with the staff he’s built. Offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn admitted he was so excited to join Campbell’s staff that he cancelled plans for a year off—after reportedly being considered for jobs elsewhere in the NFL. Additionally, Campbell managed to pry the likes of Duce Staley and Aaron Glenn from other teams that were clearly interested in their services.

When Campbell was named head coach, Lions fans gave the hiring a cautious-but-optimistic 78 percent approval rating. Now that he has been on the job for nearly six months, it’s time to revisit how fans are feeling about Campbell.

Do you approve of the job Campbell has done thus far?

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Do you approve of the job Dan Campbell has done as Detroit Lions head coach?

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