Taylor Decker says he got COVID-19 vaccine after initially declining

Pride of Detroit

Back in the spring, Detroit Lions left tackle Taylor Decker told the media that he had no plans on getting the COVID-19 vaccine for the upcoming season.

“I did not get vaccinated and I’m not going to,” Decker said back in April. “I’m just not going to speak to the reasons why. I have my reasons. I don’t know, that’s such a hot button topic, but me personally, I just don’t feel like it’s the best thing for me so I’m not going to do it.”

Since then, it appears Decker has changed his mind. On Thursday, Decker said that he has received the vaccination, but wouldn’t go into detail why.

“I did get vaccinated, and that’s all I’ll say.”

When pushed if there was any reason as to why he changed his mind, Decker insisted he wanted to stay out of any controversial discussions and keep it to himself.

“I just want to leave it at that, because it’s so polarizing,” Decker said.

This year, the NFL set up different protocols for vaccinated players and unvaccinated players. Those who choose not to get the vaccine will have to go through the same protocols as last year—wearing masks in the facility, staying in the team hotel during away travel, and having to quarantine for at least 10 days following a positive test. Vaccinated players will have many of those restrictions lifted.

Decker, again, tried to avoid controversy when addressing those new protocols.

“That’s just how it works,” Decker said. “They’re trying to make a big push (for vaccinations) for the health and safety of the fans, players and the organizations.”

On Wednesday, head coach Dan Campbell noted that the team had reached an 80 percent vaccination rate with their players and it continues to grow.

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