Open thread: Are you concerned about D’Andre Swift’s absence?

Pride of Detroit

The Detroit Lions have a pattern when it comes to the career trajectories of their running backs. They snag a guy at pick 40, give or take about a dozen. We all fall in love. “He’s looks a lot like—and I hesitate to say this—but he looks a lot like Barry Sanders in the way he runs,” a national pundit proclaims.

He suffers an injury. He never comes back the same. Rinse, and repeat.

Question of the day: Are you concerned about D’Andre Swift’s health?

My answer: a little bit, at the very least.

With the lingering groin injury keeping Swift out for much of the preseason, he hasn’t gotten much live action. While the lack of game action is typical for star players in the preseason, the lack of practice is concerning.

It’s not easy to jump right back into action from an extended leave of absence, especially with the regular season just over a week away. The lack of conditioning and muscular adaptation puts players at higher risk of soft tissue injuries, which isn’t a great thing considering Swift is coming back from *checks notes* a soft tissue injury.

It is quite concerning for me, and I will likely be holding my breath until the third or fourth week of the season before I consider him fully “back.”

Are you worried about D’Andre Swift’s health?


Are you worried about D’Andre Swift’s health?

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