Dan Campbell is true to his word in assembling the Lions roster

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Dan Campbell, Detroit Lions (Photo by Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports)

The Detroit Lions have made their cuts down to the 53 man roster. In the process, Dan Campbell proved that he is true to his word.

This is a brutal week in the NFL. A week when many lifelong dreams are dashed. A week when those who just aren’t good enough are given a ticket home.

Every coaching staff has their own way of handling the mandatory dismissals that must occur for their roster to meet the league mandates. Yet, no matter what the protocol is, it always ends the same way. Players are told the coach wants to see them and they need to bring their playbook. The NFL kiss of death.

In the case of some players, it isn’t a matter of not being good enough to play in the league. It’s a matter of the roster being too talented or perhaps a position group is loaded with talent and another player with talent is the odd man out.

In a case like that, other teams will call. Like the Detroit Lions who are trying to fill many needs. But for the most part, the final roster cutdowns are about ending dreams. Time to find a new profession.

Here in the Motor City, we have a new sheriff in town. His name is Dan Campbell. He’s the most rootinest, tootinest, knee cap-biting coach in the NFL. Fans of the Honolulu Blue and Silver have come to embrace his straight-shooting, yet fun-loving personality.

The media, both national and local, have enjoyed having him around as a quote machine. Whether they use his words against him or find valuable nuggets within them that give us a glimpse into how he thinks his team is doing and what his thoughts are about his troops.

If we have learned one thing, Campbell isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He isn’t afraid to tell us in his own way what he’s about to do, then stun everyone by doing it. This week he did exactly what he said he would as he sent players packing that we expected to make the roster.

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