Notes: Dean Marlowe’s parents were first-responders on 9/11 in NYC

Pride of Detroit

Dave Birkett at the Detroit Free Press has an extended piece on the experiences of Detroit Lions safety Dean Marlowe and his family in New York City during September of 2001. Heading into the weekend marking two decades since 9/11, the memories are no doubt stronger for Marlowe than for most people. According to Birkett, he “is believed to be the only NFL player with two first responders for parents who helped in the recovery efforts.”

Reporting first-hand accounts from Marlowe and both of the Queens native’s parents (who were active duty police officers at the time of the attacks), Birkett’s story captures the chaos and confusion that dominated that day. When Marlowe’s stepfather Mike Neil (a Brooklyn police sergeant at the time) describes how nobody quite knew what was going on and how “eerily quiet” it was at the site of the towers, I’m reminded of what it was like in Washington D.C. in the days immediately after the Pentagon was hit. Nobody on the streets. Nothing in the air except jet fighters running combat air patrol. Everyone glued to their televisions trying to process what was going on.

So, I concur with Dave and hope you’ll take the time to read that story. It was very unexpected, but I’m glad Dave wrote it. Now, on to the rest of today’s Notes:

  • Justin Rogers at the Detroit News interviewed team owner Sheila Ford Hamp (subscription required) “to discuss the path forward.”
  • Whatever the NFL on FOX fans are smoking, we want some:

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