Notes: How do Detroit Lions fans rank among rowdiest NFL fanbases?

Pride of Detroit

Do you consider the Detroit Lions fan base rowdy?

A less-than-serious Notes for you today amid all the injury news. Since the beginning of time, NFL fan bases have made themselves heard through booing, chanting, body slamming tables — you name it. surveyed NFL fans to try and pinpoint the rowdiest fans in the nation. Surprisingly, Lions fans came in at No. 17. The survey also asked why the fans are considered obnoxious and apparently Lions fans are too loud.

The top three rowdiest include Dallas Cowboys fans in third, Las Vegas Raiders fans in second, and apparently Pittsburgh Steelers fans are the rowdiest of them all.

I’ll admit I stole this from our Fox 2 morning show in which I pointed out the city of Philadelphia had to grease the light poles to keep fans from climbing them in 2018 when the Eagles won the Super Bowl. If the Detroit Lions won the big game, I have to imagine the city would absolutely explode.

The survey also asked for rowdiest quarterbacks, and somehow Jared Goff didn’t make the list. Then they asked who are the rowdiest coaches? The site explains they asked over a thousand fans between Aug. 24 and Sept. 3. So with only preseason under his belt at that point, Dan Campbell came in at the third rowdiest coach. I guess talking about biting kneecaps before you take the field will do that. Though number one is Bill Belichick… so who the heck is taking this survey anyway> They’re all pretty random but I thought you’d enjoy anyway.

And onto the rest of your notes.

  • The Lions are mic’d up again — you can hear what they had to say this week against the Packers.

  • I like to see what the other guys are saying about us. Our friends over at Baltimore Beatdown think this player in particular is “built to maul the Lions.”
  • If you’re heading to the game Sunday, keep an eye out for the new Hall of Fame busts.

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