Podcast: Time is running out for Jared Goff

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Please understand the ongoing nature of this post’s title. The patience among fans and more opinionated sports media in Detroit may have already run out for Jared Goff, but it’s clear we’re still operating in an age of Jared Goff as the Detroit Lions quarterback. That may change very soon, but per head coach Dan Campbell, it will not change right now.

Regardless, his performance was at the epicenter of the worst offensive performance the Lions have delivered all season, against a team many thought the Lions could beat. Someone went and strung up the Sword of Damocles above Goff’s head again; we’re not sure if the reference is appropriate but there had to be some sort of sword.

On the latest episode of the Pride Of Detroit PODcast, we’re breaking down how things fell apart, we host a group therapy session full of seethe and we try to cover this game as a whole. I don’t know there’s many positives here to discuss, although we do manage to get to Jerry Jacobs and Derrick Barnes at some point.

That said, most of this episode is diagnosing a problem, a very bad problem, and trying to piece together the immediate future. It’s not pretty, but we’re handling it with the usual PODcast charm, patience, rage and gallows humor.

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