Jared Goff sees final four games as character test for the Lions

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With only pride left to play for over the final four games, Jared Goff sees the final four games as a test for the Detroit Lions.

The Detroit Lions are not going to make the playoffs this season. That’s hardly shocking news, but it mathematically became a reality in Week 14. At 1-11-1, this group is playing for pride and perhaps to play spoiler to their opponents. Week 15 fits the latter bill, as the Arizona Cardinals remain in contention for the top playoff seed in the NFC.

Lions quarterback Jared Goff spoke to the media on Monday, and he stated his goal for rest of the season. Via Eric Woodyard of ESPN:

“Four straight wins. We’re trying to win every game,” Goff said on Monday. “We’ve got Arizona next week and we’ll deal with whoever we’ve got after that, but it’d be tough to stand up here if I didn’t believe in those guys, and I was ‘BS’-ing you guys. But I believe in those guys, I believe that we can win games and I believe that we can play with anybody. I believe in our coaches.”

Jared Goff sees rest of season as a character test for the Lions

It’s fair to say ending a season strongly can build positive energy and provide momentum into the next season. Goff sees things along that line for this year’s Lions, but he went a little further.

“I think at the end of the day, we’re playing for pride and who we are,” Goff said. “I think your character shows in these last four games. You find out a lot about people in times like these, in times of adversity. I believe I know who’s in that locker room, so I don’t believe we’re going to find anything we don’t like, but it does test you.”

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