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It’s been far too long since we’ve featured some merchandise here, and especially too long considering all of the Dan Campbell hype among Detroit Lions fans. The man has a 98 percent approval rating despite only winning two games thus far. It’s time to celebrate our love for the charismatic head coach.

Campbell’s leadership was on full display this Sunday, when he took his overmatched team to Ford Field and thoroughly disposed of the then 10-3 Arizona Cardinals. It wasn’t even a contest. The Lions absolutely destroyed the Cardinals from start to finish, and the 13.5-point favorite wouldn’t even acknowledge their own defeat until Thursday afternoon.

Of course, the locker room celebrations are the very best, and they have not disappointed in the Dan Campbell era. Though this one wasn’t quite as hype as the scene after their walk-off win against the Minnesota Vikings, it did have several awesome moments. Lions general manager Brad Holmes was hype as hell. Craig Reynolds was getting some serious—and well-deserved—love.

But no moment was more iconic than Campbell himself speaking to the Arizona Cardinals through the wall.

Campbell has fully adopted the city of Detroit, their rugged attitude, and it’s clear he knows the importance of football to this community.

So let’s celebrate it all with our new t-shirt via our friends at BreakingT:

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Note: Pride of Detroit does get a certain percentage of sales of the shirt. It’s a way to support the writers, editors and content creators who provide you with free content all year.

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