Notes: Detroit Lions celebrate their own Festivus with fun video

Pride of Detroit

Probably inspired by the Pride of Detroit crew, the Detroit Lions posted their own Festivus celebration Thursday evening in a fun video.

For those of you unaware, and frankly missing out, Festivus is a Seinfeld reference — it’s a holiday celebrated by the Costanza family on December 23. There are two parts, the Airing of Grievances, where you explain how the people around you disappointed you in the last year, and the Feats of Strength, where typically two family members try to pin each other.

The Pride of Detroit crew Aired their Grievances regarding the 2021 season as it has for many years, but also for the first time it has offered Feats of Strength — a strong moment from the past season, such as a great play or an athlete’s attitude.

Now – the Detroit Lions posted their own version celebrating the holiday Thursday evening.

For the Airing of Grievances, the Lions showed the well-known clip of rookie Penei Sewell not taking any trash from Aaron Donald when Detroit faced the Los Angeles Rams in late October. The pair got into a small scrum after a play—where Donald shoved Sewell then grabbed his facemask. Well the rookie grabbed Donald’s right back and offered his own shove. A popular moment of 2021 that earned Sewell a lot of respect.

For Feats of Strength, a clip of D’Andre Swift steamrolling a Baltimore Ravens defender. And a special addition—a Festivus Miracle. Upon being introduced to the holiday, the Seinfeld character Kramer called a bunch of things that happened that day in the show Festivus miracles. With Dan Miller’s call playing in the background, the Lions showed a clip of the play that sealed Detroit’s first win — Jared Goff’s game-winning pass to Amon-Ra St. Brown.

“They’ve done it!” Miller exclaims as the video ends, showing the text “Happy Festivus.” Really great stuff, guys.

And onto the rest of your notes.

  • Ugh, just an awesome video of Brad Holmes hyping up Amon-Ra St. Brown in the locker room. “It’s only the beginning.”

This is taken from the Lions’ mic’d-up video, which features Amon-Ra St. Brown in Detroit’s 30-12 win over the Cardinals.

  • Before the Detroit Lions chose Dan Campbell, they wanted Arthur Smith. The Falcons coach explains cancelling the interview in Detroit to take the Atlanta gig, but how he was into it — “I loved talking to the Lions.”
  • Happy Holidays, friends!

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