Christmas open thread: Share your Detroit Lions gifts!

Pride of Detroit

Happy Holidays!

Outside of my wife, there may not be a prouder person of my writing career than my mother-in-law. Every opportunity she gets, she buys me something Detroit Lions-related.

In my office, I have my first nationally published article framed and on the wall. Next to it, another framed Lions-based writing achievement, a cool retro Lions wall decoration, and another waiting to be hung up. On the desk, a signed Lions football, a Lions frame with a picture of me interviewing Kevin Strong at Ford Field, a Lions shot glass, a Lions #1 foam finger, and a Lions key chain helmet with the key to lock my desk attached. There are also several books with football and Lions themes, ranging in topics from the history of the team, to jokes and trivia. In the desk drawers, a deck of cards with the Lions logo on it, Lions pens, a Lions’ calendar, and more knick-knacks. In my closet, Lions’ tee shirts and zip-ups are getting worn out from use.

She bought them all for me—save the signed football, that came from my wife—over various holidays and other gift-giving events. Heck, she even took the picture of me interviewing Strong, and then she framed it.

I’m very fortunate to have people in my life that take the opportunity to appreciate my passions and support them, and my mother-in-law takes it to another level by showering me with Lions gifts.

Now, I guarantee I’m not the only one that gets spoiled with Lions gifts and we want to hear about and/or see what you got this holiday season, so share away in the comments, and enjoy the day!

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