Open thread: What future rivalry could be in store for the Lions?

Pride of Detroit

There were plenty of narratives following the historic Divisional Round last weekend, including the stunning finale of the Chiefs’ victory over the Bills. One idea that has been tossed around frequently since is that “there will be plenty more Patrick Mahomes-Josh Allen battles in the future.”

Both quarterbacks look destined for great things, though my belief is that this statement is a little premature. However, it also got me thinking about what that concept would look like from a Lions perspective. As long as Jared Goff is at the helm, it probably would not be a quarterback battle, but perhaps there is another team that could be a fun counterpart over the next decade.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

What future rivalry could be in store for the Lions?

My answer: Set aside the NFC North for a bit, as those traditions run deep already. Assuming the Lions can get back into playoff contention (which is a big assumption of course), then surely their path will cross with other perennial challengers as well, both in the fight for wild card spots, but also in the actual postseason itself.

A few teams come to mind right away. While Detroit Lions’ fans have bitter feelings toward the Cowboys and Seahawks, those fanbases already have plenty of other rivals and hatred across the league. The Rams feel like a fun one while Matthew Stafford is there, but most Lions fans are still rooting for their former quarterback.

My hope would be for the Cardinals’ clashes to grow in intensity. The teams have met for the past five years in a row (with the Lions going 4-0-1) and also in nine of the last 10 seasons, so these two sides know each other well. Not a lot of recent playoff participation for either team, but perhaps they can make the ascent together.

Your turn.

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