Fox Sports’ analyst boldly suggests Lions trade for Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers may or may not be traded this offseason, but a FOX Sports talking head has boldly suggested the Lions make an offer.

If Aaron Rodgers is traded by the Green Bay Packers this offseason, the likeliest suitors are pretty easy to tab–the Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers, etc. If you were listing the other 31 teams as possible suitors for the back-to-back league MVP, the Detroit Lions would be in the bottom few for sure.

But don’t tell that to Nick Wright of Fox Sports. On FS1’s “First Things First” Thursday morning, he had a bold suggestion (h/t to

What if the Detroit Lions call. We’ll give you our No. 2 pick. We’ll give you the extra pick from the Rams and another one. Do you not think they could at least use that as leverage with Aaron,”  “We’ll trade you. We have a great trade on the table right now. It happens to be to Detroit. You want to come back? I do think the Packers have the ability to play some type of hard-ball, if they would like to.”

Aaron Rodgers to the Lions is happening as soon as pigs fly

The Packers trading Rodgers to any division rival this offseason, let alone the Lions, would certainly be something. To say nothing of how Rodgers would have to somehow fit on Detroit’s cap sheet, even if they were able to trade Jared Goff.

At about the 4:20 mark of the video below (insert the coincidental and obvious joke here), after referring to a previous mention of the Carolina Panthers, Wright starts his case for the Lions to make a big offer for Rodgers (three draft picks, including the two first-rounders this year). Part of the idea is the Packers can use said offer as leverage.

Wright is never too afraid to offer a bold take, so credit to him here. But I’ll say definitely that Aaron Rodgers will never be a Detroit Lion. He’d retire before that happened.

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