Open thread: If you had to root for a Lions divisional rival, who would it be?

Pride of Detroit

Sorry if the thumbnail had you worried, but no, it wouldn’t actually be the Packers. If you had to switch allegiances with a Detroit Lions divisional rival, which team would you go to?

Question of the day: If you had to root for a divisional rival, who would it be?

My answer: Definitely the Vikings.

The Packers are completely off the table. My distaste for them and Aaron Rodgers is just too much to bear. The only thing they have going for them is that they’re a winner. Sure, that’s the important part of being an NFL franchise, but they’re in a small market with an outdated stadium and a vomit-inspired color scheme and a mascot that makes the Browns sound cool. All that considered, if a lack of winning was going to drive me away from the Lions, it would have happened by now, so the Packers would not look like a lucrative option.

Chicago is a fun one. They’re in a big market and there isn’t necessarily bad blood between them and the Lions the way there is with the Packers. As of right now, they’re a good pick to hop on a bandwagon for with a rebuild ahead and a strong choice in Justin Fields to lead that rebuild. Nonetheless, they lack some of the character that other franchises have and their logo looks too much like a toilet bowl for it to really connect with me. Also, why would I downgrade from the Lions when #WeOwnTheBears.

That leaves us with the Vikings. Every Vikings fan I’ve ever met just loves quality football and is usually knowledgeable about the game, at least compared to the folks in Chicago acting as couch coach every Sunday. They have an atypical but fun color scheme and have never really had tension with the Lions in a way that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Most games against them are competitive and fun, in spite of the frequent difference in record across the past decade. Honestly, as far as divisional “rivals” go, they’re a pretty good choice.

I’m not planning on leaving my Lions fandom anytime soon, so this remains strictly hypothetical, but “SKOL” rolls off the tongue a lot better “Bear down” or “Go P*ck Go”.

Am I wrong here? Is Chicago a better fandom? Would you defect to the Packers? Vote below and let us know who you’d choose if you had to root for a division rival.


If you had to root for a division rival, who would it be?

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