Jameson Williams reached out to Lions legend before picking jersey number


Rookie wide receiver Jameson Williams was initially supposed to wear No. 18 but has changed his mind and called a Lions legend for permission to change.

When he first got to the Detroit Lions, rookie wide receiver Jameson Williams chose to wear No. 18, with respect to Calvin Johnson. Those plans have changed.

Now, Williams is choosing to change his jersey number to No. 9, initially worn by longtime Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. Interestingly, Williams reached out to Stafford for permission to wear the number, and Stafford responded with a “yes.”

Not only should that feel good for Williams, but it shines a more significant light on Matthew Stafford. For years, Stafford had been subjected to so much criticism from fans, notably media members like Fox Sports’ Rob Parker, who has gone out of his way several times to take cheap and often unnecessary shots. Now with a Super Bowl ring, Stafford got the last laugh.

As for Williams, it’s to be considered an honor as No. 9 is now a number in Detroit for a player willing to risk it all for his teammates and go out and perform.

Lions: Jameson Williams reached out to Matthew Stafford to okay jersey number

Before arriving in Detroit, Williams was a star at Ohio State and Alabama, making it to the National Championship Game with both schools. Unfortunately, while he never won a title in college, he was one of the country’s most prolific and highlight-worthy players. His speed was such that he altered the game every time he stepped on the field.

Williams’ college career paralleled into becoming a first-round draft pick with the Detroit Lions, joining Aidan Hutchinson as two players who hope to restore the pride in the Motor City and help the Lions escape the harsh labels that have been placed upon them in the 21st century. Matthew Stafford did all he could, but it was time to move on.

No. 9 is back in the Motor City, but with a different player. Jameson Williams hopes he can contribute to the greatness that was part of the number and enhance the legacy by helping the Motor City reach the pinnacle of the NFL. There is no question that Stafford will be rooting for him to do so, as he has shown that he still loves the city that drafted him.

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