Detroit Lions approval poll: Dan Campbell (September, Week 1 2022)

Pride of Detroit

The support for Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell has been pervasive for the majority of his 1.5 years on the job. In fact, Campbell was at his least popular before he spoke a single word as the Lions new head coach. The hire earned a 78 percent approval rating before Campbell’s introductory press conference, but it didn’t take long for Lions fans to fall in love. That summer, his approval rating shot up nearly 20 points, before even a preseason game was played.

And even though the 2021 season didn’t go too well, Lions fans remained enamored with Campbell. When the Lions were 0-8-1 in the middle of November, Campbell still had an 88 percent approval rating. And after he took over play-calling duties and led Detroit to a 3-3 record down the stretch, the supporters were back and stronger than ever. He carried a ridiculous 98 percent approval rating heading into the offseason.

This offseason, we got to know Campbell in an even more intimate setting, thanks to the Lions being the feature team on “Hard Knocks.” For those who have been paying attention, nothing about Campbell’s appearance in the five-episode documentary series was surprising—except for maybe his true commitment to being his authentic self at all times. Campbell was—as he’s always been—an energetic and compassionate leader at his core.

Leadership can get you halfway there in the NFL, but it doesn’t guarantee results. And for all the hope and optimism surrounding the Lions, that is the one piece that remains elusive: results. Campbell has only had a season to build his win/loss resume in Detroit, and that didn’t go so well. But now the real test starts. The Lions’ roster isn’t great, but it is no longer devastatingly bad. The Lions should compete. The Lions should win some games, and pull off some upsets.

But will they?

That depends on your belief in this coaching staff and that starts with Campbell. So before the 2022 season begins, it’s time to check in one more time with our approval ratings. Before you vote, here’s how Campbell’s approval rating has fluctuated over the past 20 months.

January 2021: 78 percent approval
July 2021: 97 percent approval
October 2021: 95 percent approval
November 2021: 88 percent approval
December 2021: 98 percent approval
January 2022: 98 percent approval

Now it’s time to vote and discuss in the comments.


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