Lions rookie Aidan Hutchinson unveils ‘Billie Jean’ inspired Spotify playlist

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After his stirring rendition of “Billy Jean”, as seen on “Hard Knocks”, Lions rookie Aidan Hutchinson has created a Spotify playlist.

Aidan Hutchinson created an untoppable rookie hazing performance with how he did Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” during a camp meeting (as seen on ” Hard Knocks”, of course). If you smell an endorsement opportunity, for lack of a better term, one has come.

Hutchinson has partnered with Spotify to create a “Billie Jean” inspired playlist.

Here’s a look at the some of the tracks on Hutchinson’s “ultimate vibes” playlist, led of course by “Billie Jean”.

  1. “Billie Jean”–Michael Jackson
  2. “S.T.A.Y.”–Hans Zimmer (Interstellar movie soundtrack)
  3. “Parachute”–Chris Stapleton
  4. “By Your Side”–Rod Wave
  5. “Jamie”–Zach Bryan featuring Charlie Wesley Godwin
  6. “Beyond”–Leon Bridges, Luke Combs
  7. “the.climb.back”–J.Cole
  8. “The Kind of Love We Make”–Luke Combs
  9. “Nobody’s Perfect”–J.Cole, Missy Elliott
  10. “Double Vision”–Foreigner
  11. “Something In Orange”–Zach Bryan
  12. “Maggie May”–Rod Stewart
  13. “The Greatest”–Rod Wave
  14. “Hold on Loosely”–38 Special
  15. “Starman” (2012 Remaster)–David Bowie
  16. “Yellow Ledbetter”–Pearl Jam

Aidan Hutchinson has wide-ranging music taste

There are 46 tracks on Hutchinson’s playlist, covering three hours and eight minutes, so I’m not writing them all out here (though I intended to before realizing it was 46 songs). But it’s certainly an eclectic sampling, which you can see again here.

On Spotify’s For The Record blog, Hutchinson went into how he made selections for the playlist

What was the inspiration behind the songs you picked for this playlist?

I have very diverse taste in music and I was looking to include every kind of different genre that I listen to. I got just about a little bit of everything on there, and it reminds me of all the different moods that you could be in. I look at that playlist and you can listen to it when you’re happy, sad, chilling, in the car jamming out . . . you know, whatever you really want going. So yeah, I just have a lot of variety in there. That’s what I like.

Is there a song on your playlist that might surprise your friends or teammates?

So I got a couple instrumental and orchestral songs in there. I don’t think many of my teammates know that’s the kind of stuff I listen to in my pregame playlist. And so for this playlist, I added the Hans Zimmer track “S.T.A.Y.” from Interstellar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

Is there a song on Hutchinson’s playlist that surprises you?

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