“Marino Fake Spike” Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets (Week 13, 1994) | NFL Full Game

In honor of Free Game Friday the NFL presents: “The Fake Spike” – Dan Marino leads a vicious Dolphins comeback capped off by the infamous “Fake Spike”!

Time Codes:

13:54 B. Esiason 33-yard pass to R. Moore

17:52 N. Lowry 24-yard Field Goal

20:00 D. Marino intercepted by J. Hasty

28:05 Dolphins force turnover on downs at the 1-yard line

37:19 Marino intercepted by B. Washington

42:54 Esiason 30-yard TD pass to J. Mitchell

51:04 B. Parmalee fumbles, recovered by B. Washington

56:42 Esiason 69-yard pass to A. Monk

58:16 B. Baxter 3-yard TD run

1:05:20 Marino 10-yard TD pass to M. Ingram

1:14:46 Esiason 14-yard TD pass to J. Mitchell

1:20:18 M. Ingram makes nice catch for first down

1:20:40 Marino 17-yard TD pass to M. Ingram

1:28:35 Esiason intercepted by T. Vincent

1:32:15 Marino 28-yard TD pass to M. Ingram

1:38:25 Dolphins cause three fumbles in a row

1:40:40 O. McDuffy muffs punt, recovered by J. Thornton

1:42:35 Esiason intercepted by J. Brown

1:50:46 Dolphins begin game winning drive

1:55:29 Marino fakes spike, 8-yard TD pass M. Ingram

2:01:05 Jets final drive

After falling behind 17-0, the Dolphins looked like they were heading for their third straight loss and essentially ending their playoff hopes. But Hall of Fame quarterback, Dan Marino, would not let his team fall apart, after rallying the team back he tossed the game winning score in the final seconds with a touchdown pass created by a fake spike.

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