Lions believe in Jared Goff, but may still draft a quarterback high

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Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions (Photo by DetroitFreePress Syndication)

The Detroit Lions‘ new brass of Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell believe in Jared Goff. However, that may not stop them from still drafting a quarterback at number seven overall during the 2021 NFL Draft later this month.

This is a franchise in transition. Something that can be said about the Lions on regular basis. Change and inconsistency are the only constants with this team.

Whether it be running through head coaches like Matt Patricia, Jim Caldwell, Jim Schwartz, Rod Marinelli, and so on or changes in defensive and offensive philosophy, the Lions are continually finding a new course. Ironically, whatever course they have chosen has led to the same results.

The one thing that didn’t change for the last 12 seasons was who would be lining up under center. Matthew Stafford was the Detroit Lions quarterback, period. While some injury issues interrupted his play at the beginning of his career and just a couple of years ago as well, overall he could be counted on to play every week.

Whether the Lions had a big game or as was more common, nothing to play for, Stafford was on the field. Even in a five-win season, Matthew would be on center stage at Ford Field battling like it was the playoffs.

Stafford was the most respected player in the Lions locker room. Regardless of who was coaching the team or what their philosophy was, his teammates believed he would find a way to make it work and he usually did. Let’s be honest he was about the only reason the Lions ever won.

Today, Stafford is the property of the Los Angeles Rams. After 12 years of physical beatings and gut-wrenching losses as part of a franchise that just hasn’t been able to find a winning formula, Stafford requested a trade and was subsequently sent west in search of a championship.

The Lions’ new regime never had the opportunity to see what they could do with Stafford. However, that move has freed Holmes and Campbell up to build the Lions into the image they believe will be a winner.

Holmes and Campbell also don’t feel like they are moving forward empty-handed. Despite having many positions of need on this roster, they feel very comfortable having Goff at the helm.

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