Detroit Lions: Latest mock drafts leaving very few clues

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Ford Field, Detroit Lions (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

By this point a year ago, Detroit Lions fans had a pretty clear sense of which direction the team would go with the third overall pick.

While the pipe dream for many was that Washington would pass on Chase Young (they didn’t), nearly every mock draft of note slated the Lions to end up taking Jeff Okudah.

There was little surprise or suspense when the night of the virtual Draft rolled around and Okudah indeed heard his name called as the Lions’ top pick.

As for this year, the Draft is just a week off, yet anyone who says they ‘know’ who the Lions are taking is either lying or sadly mistaken.

A quick surveying of the latest mock drafts shows a wide range of potential options still up in the air, with very little consensus even on which position the Lions are looking for first.

The majority of draft predictions have the Lions spending their first choice on the offensive side of the ball, though that is more due to the available talent pool than anything else.

It’s highly probable that at least eight of the top ten picks this year will be offensive players, and it’s even possible that the entire top ten could be.

Here is a quick look at some of the most notable mock drafters and what they’re currently saying about Detroit…

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