Full Interview with Scott Mitchell: Detroit Lions of the 90s, Biggest Loser, & Thanksgiving

Breaking Bread
Former Detroit Lions QB Scott Mitchell breaks bread with Lomas Brown and Herman Moore to talk about playing together in the 90s, Scott’s experience on The Biggest Loser, and an experience he had with four fans at the Silverdome on Thanksgiving Day in 1996.


“One of the frustrations of my life is: I wish they would have given us more time. Look, winning a Super Bowl and and being effective in the playoffs, that’s a hard thing to do. I mean it I mean, Tom Brady makes it look easy. But Peyton Manning went five, five or six years before he ever won in the playoffs, and I just wish they would have kept that group together longer to really give us a chance because I think we could have done it. I really do. And I’ll say that until the day that I die.” – Scott Mitchell

“They were killing me on ESPN and they called you and everything. I just remember that time me and you talked and the first thing you said to me was like, ‘Lomas, I know you didn’t do that.’ Because you remember the play, and everything and we talked about that. And I’ll tell you now that made a world of difference, because, man, I was catching it. You thought you had caught it, man, I was catching it from every end about that statement that I made.

“But I think, like I said, the most comforting thing that came out of that was when me and you actually ended up talking, and you were like, ‘Well, I knew the play that you’re talking about, and you didn’t do that,’ and stuff. So, you know, it was just it was just a great lesson, and that just lets you know who your friends really are. So I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you for that moment there.” – Lomas Brown

“A question I get asked the most guy is: who is my favorite quarterback? Now, many people may not believe it or remember, I played with about 15-20 quarterbacks. (Fans) always ask me who was the favorite guy and you and we talked about it. I went to four Pro Bowls … three of those with one of those quarterbacks.” – Herman Moore

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