10 in the Den: Top 10 Players Faced All-Time

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For their feature 10 in the Den, Herman Moore and Lomas Brown count down the Top 10 players — defensive backs and pass rushers, respectively — they personally faced throughout their NFL careers.

While both lists include a significant number of Pro Football Hall of Famers, they also include players that gave each a difficult time for one reason or another.

Herman Moore:

10. Any walked-out linebacker
9. DB Corey Fuller
8. CB Martin Mayhew
7. DB Donnell Woolford
6. S Robert Griffith
5. S John Lynch
4. DB Rod Woodson
3. DB Aeneas Williams
2. CB Deion Sanders
1. CB Darrell Green

Lomas Brown:

10. DE Dexter Manley
9. DE Ezra Johnson
8. OLB/DE Ken Harvey
7. OLB/DE Pat Swilling
6. OLB/DE Mike Cofer
5. OLB Derrick Thomas
4. DE Bruce Smith
3. OLB/DE Chris Doleman
2. DE Richard Dent
1. OLB Lawrence Taylor

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