Detroit News staff NFL picks: Week 7

Detroit News

Detroit +13.5 at L.A. Rams

Rogers: L.A. Rams

Hawkins: L.A. Rams (best bet)

Niyo: L.A. Rams

Wojnowski: L.A. Rams

Denver +6 at Cleveland

Rogers: Cleveland

Hawkins: Denver

Niyo: Denver

Wojnowski: Denver

Cincinnati +6 at Baltimore

Rogers: Baltimore

Hawkins: Baltimore

Niyo: Baltimore

Wojnowski: Cincinnati

Carolina -3 at N.Y. Giants

Rogers: N.Y. Giants

Hawkins: Carolina

Niyo: Carolina

Wojnowski: Carolina

Washington +7 at Green Bay

Rogers: Green Bay

Hawkins: Green Bay

Niyo: Green Bay (best bet)

Wojnowski: Green Bay (best bet)

Kansas City -3.5 at Tennessee

Rogers: Kansas City (best bet)

Hawkins: Tennessee

Niyo: Kansas City

Wojnowski: Kansas City

Atlanta +2.5 at Miami

Rogers: Miami

Hawkins: Miami

Niyo: Atlanta

Wojnowski: Atlanta

N.Y. Jets +7 at New England

Rogers: New England

Hawkins: New England

Niyo: New England

Wojnowski: New England

Philadelphia +2.5 at Las Vegas

Rogers: Las Vegas

Hawkins: Las Vegas

Niyo: Las Vegas

Wojnowski: Las Vegas

Chicago +10 at Tampa Bay

Rogers: Tampa Bay

Hawkins: Tampa Bay

Niyo: Tampa Bay

Wojnowski: Tampa Bay

Houston +17 at Arizona

Rogers: Arizona

Hawkins: Arizona

Niyo: Arizona

Wojnowski: Arizona

Indianapolis +5 at San Francisco

Rogers: San Francisco

Hawkins: San Francisco

Niyo: San Francisco

Wojnowski: San Francisco

New Orleans -3.5 at Seattle

Rogers: Seattle

Hawkins: Seattle

Niyo: New Orleans

Wojnowski: New Orleans


Rogers: 6-8 last week, 39-53-2 overall, 2-4 best bets

Hawkins: 6-8 last week, 42-50-2 overall, 3-3 best bets

Niyo: 6-8 last week, 48-44-2 overall, 5-1 best bets

Wojnowski: 8-6 last week, 51-41-2 overall, 3-3 best bets

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