Matthew Stafford vs. Jared Goff: A tale of two very different seasons

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Credit: USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions have struggled with Jared Goff at the helm, while the Rams have had much more success with Matthew Stafford.

It’s a tale of two quarterbacks who are experiencing very different results this season on Sunday. Under the guidance of former Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, the Los Angeles Rams are contenders. Their only loss came at the hands of the undefeated Arizona Cardinals.

Meanwhile, Detroit has the worst record in the entire NFL as they remain the only winless team left. As one might expect, Jared Goff’s subpar season has contributed heavily to the failure of the Lions.

When the Lions and the Rams played the trading places game by exchanging quarterbacks, as well as draft capital for Detroit , everyone was quick to decide who won this blockbuster deal. The initial reaction was in favor of the Lions. As the season wears on sentiment is moving towards the Rams.

For the Rams, it’s the Super Bowl or bust. For the Lions, it’s all about building a future where these Motor City cats are actual contenders. And because it’s all about the future for the Lions, we have to wait before making the final judgment on this trade.

In the end, both teams could win. If Stafford leads the Rams to a Super Bowl championship now and the Lions can make a couple of serious runs at the Super Bowl in another three or four years, then considering the history of this sad-sack franchise it would have to be considered a win for both teams.

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