Recap: Lions blow it late again, fall to Browns 13-10

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There’s always next week.

The Detroit Lions got conservative late and blew a chance to take the lead at multiple points in the fourth quarter on Sunday, as the Cleveland Browns rode Nick Chubb to a 13-10 win.

Final leaders


DET – Tim Boyle: 15/23, 77 yds., 2 TD

CLE – Baker Mayfield: 15/29, 176 yds., TD, 2 INT


DET – D’Andre Swift: 14 atts., 136 yds., TD

CLE – Nick Chubb: 22 atts., 130 yds.


DET – T.J. Hockenson: 6 recs., 51 yds.

CLE – Austin Hooper: 4 recs., 53 yds.

Second half

Lions punt with chance to take lead as Browns close game out

The Browns take over at their own 25, leading by 3.

Nick Chubb runs it four straight plays, taking Cleveland to its own 47, where it’ll be second-and-7. The Lions are able to bring the heat on third down and force an incompletion to end the drive.

Kalif Raymond fields the punt with a fair catch at the 16.

Browns 13, Lions 10 (5:16 4th)

Tim Boyle comes up firing to T.J. Hockenson for a gain of 24 yards that’ll bring up first-and-10 at the 40.

It’s quickly third-and-14 after a run for no gain and screen pass that loses 4. The Lions handoff to D’Andre Swift on third down, and it goes for a gain of only 5.

Browns 13, Lions 10 (2:29 4th)

The Browns take over at the 20, and they’ll have a chance to end the game with a first down.

Nick Chubb runs for 3.

Timeout #1 Detroit (2:22 4th)

Chubb runs for 4.

Two-minute warning.

Nick Chubb picks up a first down with a gain of 11, then runs for 15. This one is likely over.

It’ll be third-and-2 with 1:34 left after the Lions use their last timeout. Chubb gets the first down. This game is officially over.

FINAL: Browns 13, Lions 10 

Lions intercept Mayfield, cut into deficit with field goal

Cleveland takes over at its own 15, leading 13-7 in the fourth. A holding penalty makes it first-and-17 at the 8.

Cleveland continues to get hurt by penalties, as a big run by Chubb is overturned for a block in the back. Baker Mayfield’s second-down pass is batted at the line, and his third-down pass is intercepted by A.J. Parker. The Lions get it at the Cleveland 34.

Here. We. Go.

Browns 13, Lions 7 (11:01 4th)

Detroit takes over at the 34, and it’ll be third-and-2 after a completion and short run. Swift is stopped for a gain of only 1.

Aldrick Rosas makes the 43-yard field goal.

Browns 13, Lions 10 (9:07 4th)

Lions ruin chance to take lead with personal foul

The Browns take over at their own 26, and it’s quickly third-and-10 after two straight incompletions to start the drive. Baker Mayfield’s third-down pass is over the head of his receiver, and the Lions are going to get it right back.

Kalif Raymond returns the punt to Detroit’s 40.

Browns 13, Lions 7 (1:15 3rd)

D’Andre Swift opens the drive with runs of 5 and 13 yards, bringing the third quarter to a close. It’ll be first-and-10 at the Cleveland 42-yard-line when we return.

END 3RD: Browns 13, Lions 7 

Apparently, Lions offensive lineman Jonah Jackson was flagged for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after the game went to break. For what, we don’t know. It’s first-and-25.

After two plays, it’s third-and-14. The third-down screen goes for a loss of 1.

Browns 13, Lions 7 (12:54 4th)

Huge run by Swift cuts Lions’ deficit in half

The Lions take over at their own 22, and D’Andre Swift takes off for a gain of 19 on first down. Lions center Evan Brown was hurt on the play.

It’s third-and-8 after a short run and catch for no gain.

Swift takes the handoff on third down, makes a couple cuts, and heads to the end zone untouched for a 57-yard rushing touchdown.

That’s a HUGE play for the Lions.

Browns 13, Lions 7 (1:55 3rd)

Lions turn ball over, but come up with third-down sack to end Browns drive

The Lions take over at their own 26, and Tim Boyle hits Amon-Ra St. Brown to open the drive for a gain of 10. Denzel Ward picks him off on the next play.

Browns 13, Lions 0 (7:24 3rd)

Baker Mayfield hits Ja’Marcus Bradley for a 37-yard gain to move Cleveland to the 48.

Nick Chubb makes it third-and-1 with a 9-yard run on second down, but Cleveland is flagged for holding. That’ll make it third-and-11: Will Harris and Austin Bryant team up for a sack that loses 11 yards.

Kalif Raymond fields the punt with a fair catch at the 22.

Browns 13, Lions 0 (4:19 3rd)

Lions defense gets stop to open second half

Cleveland takes over at its own 20, leading 13-0 in the third quarter.

The Browns move the ball to the 42 in three plays, but the Lions get them to third-and-10 on the next set of downs, and a holding penalty then makes it third-and-20: The Lions stop them after a gain of 9.

The ensuing punt is downed at the 26 of Detroit.

Browns 13, Lions 0 (8:15 3rd)

Lions punt quickly to start second half

The Lions take over at their own 24 to start the half.

D’Andre Swift moves the chains with a 12-yard gain to start the drive.

Two plays later, it’s third-and-7: Tim Boyle misses the third-down pass.

Jack Fox’s punt appears to be downed at the 1 with one of the greatest special teams plays in team history, but is later ruled a touchback.

Browns 13, Lions 0 (12:40 3rd)

First half

First half leaders


DET – Tim Boyle: 7/13, 39 yds., INT

CLE – Baker Mayfield: 11/18, 124 yds., TD, INT


DET – Jason Cabinda: 2 atts., 21 yds.

CLE – Nick Chubb: 8 atts., 38 yds.


DET – T.J. Hockenson: 3 recs., 23 yds.

CLE – Austin Hooper: 4 recs., 53 yds.

Lions put together sad series before haltime

Detroit takes over at its own 22 with under a minute to go in the half.

The Lions pick up a first down, then do it again with a roughing the passer penalty to bring up first-and-10 at the 49 with 24 seconds left.

Two plays later, it’s third-and-8. Tim Boyle dumps it off to Hockenson to end the drive instead of trying to go for the end zone. This is brutal, folks.

END 2ND: Browns 13, Lions 0

Browns extend lead before halftime

Detroit takes over at its own 36. After a neutral zone infraction, it’s first-and-5 at the 41.

Jamaal Williams loses a yard, then gains 5 to bring up third-and-2. Jason Cabinda is wrapped up for no gain on third down. Bah hum bug.

Browns 7, Lions 0 (8:04 2nd)

The Browns take over at their own 24.

Each team takes a penalty on consecutive plays, which brings up first-and-20 at the 19.

It’s third-and-13 after a completion and misfire, where Baker Mayfield finds a receiver on the sideline for a gain of 17 to keep the drive alive.

The Lions then get a stop on third-and-3 near midfield, but the Browns are going for it: Or at least they pretend to. The Browns call timeout as the play clock nears zero.

Timeout #1 Browns (4:08 2nd)

A phantom hands-to-the-face penalty on fourth down keeps the Browns’ drive alive.

A pass to Austin Hooper goes for 20 yards to the Detroit 19, and after a 3-yard completion to Jarvis Landry, we’ve reached the two-minute warning.

Two-minute warning.

Detroit is flagged for a pass interference penalty on third down, and that sets up first-and-goal at the 5. Nick Chubb scores for Cleveland.

Detroit blocks the extra point.

Browns 13, Lions 0 (1:10 2nd)

Lions go 3-and-out, Browns miss field goal

The Lions take over at their own 24, and it’s quickly third-and-7. Tim Boyle’s pass is swatted at the line and falls incomplete.

Jack Fox’s punt is fallen on at the Cleveland 35.

Browns 7, Lions 0 (13:48 2nd)

It’s now quickly third-and-9 for the Browns after a short run and second-down incompletion. Detroit takes a pass interference penalty on the play, giving Cleveland first-and-10 at the 49.

Two quick runs brings up third-and-6, where Alim McNeil lets D’Ernest Johnson slip away and go for a 13-yard gain.

Jerry Jacobs knocks away the pass on Cleveland’s next third-down pass to force a field goal.

Chase McLaughlin misses the 46-yard field goal.

Browns 7, Lions 0 (10:09 2nd)

Browns take 7-0 lead on first play of second quarter

The Browns take over at their own 16 in a scoreless game.

Two plays from Chubb get it to first-and-10 at the 27. Chubb gets two more touches, takes it to the 39 for a gain of 12.

Baker Mayfield throws to David Njoku for a gain of 21, then hits Austin Hooper for 20, as the Browns have it first-and-10 at the 16 of Detroit. That’s the end of the first quarter.

END 1ST: Lions 0, Browns 0

The Browns go wildcat to start the second quarter. Jarvis Landry looks to pass, can’t find anyone open, and guns it up the middle for a 16-yard touchdown run.

Browns 7, Lions 0 (14:52 2nd)

Mayfield, Boyle trade interceptions in first quarter

The Browns take over at their own 13, and on the very first play, Baker Mayfield is intercepted by Amani Oruwariye. The Lions will hav it first-and-10 at midfield.

A throw to T.J. Hockenson gets 9 yards, and Jason Cabinda takes the handoff for a gain of 20 — yes, 20 — on the next play.

Tim Boyle’s next throw is to Amon-Ra St. Brown for a gain of 14, but it’s called back for an offensive pass interference call on Josh Reynolds. D’Andre Swift runs for 10 to bring up second-and-10, then loses a couple on the next handoff.

Boyle’s third-down pass is behind Swift and intercepted. Browns get it at the 15.

Lions 0, Browns 0 (4:46 1st)

Lions sputter out on first drive, punt

The Lions and quarterback Tim Boyle take over at the 19.

Boyle throws complete to Brock Wright for a gain of 12. Cleveland is flagged for a neutral zone in fraction on the next play, and Detroit moves the chains again with two short runs.

Boyle’s throw on second-and-10 is on the money to Josh Reynolds, but he has it knocked away. He needed to have that catch. Delayed hand-off on third down gets nothing.

Demetric Felton is wrapped up at the 13 on the punt return.

Lions 0, Browns 0 (8:19 1st)

Lions force punt on opening defensive series

The Browns take over at the 25 to start the game.

Nick Chubb loses 1, then gains 14 to make it first-and-10 at the 38. Jarvis Landry hauls in a 13-yard catch to the Detroit 49.

An incompletion and short run by Chubb brings up third-and-8. Baker Mayfield is flushed from the pocket and forced to throw the ball away.

Kalif Raymond fields the punt with a fair catch at the 19.

Lions 0, Browns 0 (11:55 1st)


Let’s try this again.

The Detroit Lions couldn’t pick up their first win of the season last week in Pittsburgh facing a Steelers team without Ben Roethlisberger. But they’ll have another chance to catch an AFC North team sleeping on Sunday as they travel to Cleveland for a showdown with the Browns.

The road to victory is a little less paved than last week, though. With Lions quarterback Jared Goff unable to go, that means it’s Tim Boyle time in Cleveland.

Lions at Browns

►Kickoff: 1 p.m., Sunday, FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland

►TV/radio: Fox/97.1

►Records: Lions 0-8-1; Browns 5-5

►Line: Browns by 11

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