Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell speaks his own language

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Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell speaks his own language, and he doesn’t get tired of watching everyone else try to figure it out.

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell is never afraid to say what he thinks. Even if it causes a stir among fans and media.

Campbell spent last season laying the groundwork for a Lions team that may not have been as talented as their 3-13-1 record. Yet week after week, he also proved he was a straight shooter.

Regardless of the questions, Campbell answered and was honest. When he was upset he didn’t hide it. He may have controlled himself just enough not to shout or put together profane tirades, but he was honest. In one memorable post-game moment, he also shed tears.

In the coaching fraternity, there is what has become known as “coach speak,” It’s the way coaches address questions and subjects without giving away information, sometimes saying a lot of words while actually saying little or nothing.

The Detroit media and fans got an up-close look at NFL intrigue with former head coach Matt Patricia. Unlike his mentor Bill Belichick, Patricia couldn’t get away with not answering questions, so every press conference seemed like an impromptu filibuster.

But unlike almost every other head coach in the league, Campbell doesn’t really do “coach speak.” As a matter of fact, he will usually tell you what he thinks.

Dan Campbell speaks a head coaching language all his own

Most people outside Detroit think of Campbell as a knee cap-biting meathead. Yet this “meathead” is outstanding at making a point, sending a message, or simply telling you he’s not going to answer your question.

This past week when Campbell spoke to the press quarterback questions everyone has been asking. If you didn’t understand, then you didn’t pay close enough attention.

Jared Goff is the Lions’ quarterback of the present. The Lions’ quarterback of the future doesn’t seem to be here yet, and won’t be here until Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes find him in a to be determined draft.

Unlike many people, Campbell believes in Goff’s ability to help the Lions win now. Campbell’s ideal quarterback is not on the roster, so he doesn’t think you need an elite signal caller to have sustained success. When the time is deemed right, one that fits the bill will be drafted.

Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes are working in lockstep to turn the Lions into champions. Will it work? Only time will tell. But when it comes to Campbell, the only things we don’t know are the questions he doesn’t answer.

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