Jameson Williams laughs, dismisses perception he was not happy Lions drafted him

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Amateur psychologists have tried to say Jameson Williams didn’t look happy to be drafted by the Lions, but the rookie wide receiver has laughed off the idea.

The Detroit Lions identified wide receiver Jameson Williams as someone they wanted in the draft, and they traded up and got him at the 12th overall pick. As Williams joined commissioner Roger Goodell on stage and posed in his new Lions’ hat and with a jersey, amateur psychologists on social media seemed to think he didn’t look thrilled to be headed to Detroit. Shouldn’t he have an big smile in that life-changing moment?

It’s sad Williams had to even seriously address the moment, though the same amateur psychologists had similar comments after his introductory press conference. But it had to be asked, and during an appearance with Complex Sports on Thursday night Williams laughed before talking. He is adamant there is overreaction to his reaction to being picked by the Lions.

“I was just tired a little bit,” said Williams. I had to kick it the night before––it was a lifetime experience”

The Lions drafted Jameson Williams to play, and he’ll have to prove he can

The Lions drafted Williams to be a deep threat to take the top off defenses, and at least nominally become their No. 1 receiver. The torn ACL he’s working his way back from is not a huge deal, but his big impact may not come until 2023.

I don’t have a better punchline regarding the Williams thing than Kory Woods of Woodward Sports did, so I have to showcase what he wrote.

The factors and theories of why Jameson Williams wasn’t smiling in one photo are endless. Redirect the conversation to what Williams can do on the field. That’s why the Detroit Lions drafted him. They drafted him to be the “game-changer” on the field, not be a model for Crest or Colgate toothpaste.

Maybe Williams truly isn’t happy the Lions drafted him, and he’ll obviously won’t say so right now. But it’s lazy and unfair to try to lay that narrative on him based on the fact he didn’t smile. Not everyone is outwardly expressive, and it’s easy for us to say we’d be jumping up and down upon becoming an instant millionaire as an NFL draft pick.

Draft night is the end of a long process for draft picks, and Williams has spent that time launching his recovery from a torn ACL. Time will tell if the Lions were right about him, but it’ll have nothing to do with how he didn’t smile big during his draft moment.

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