10 celebrities who you may not realize are Detroit Lions fans

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Being a Detroit Lions fan is not an easy experience, but these 10 celebrities have acknowledged they root for the Honolulu Blue.

With no championships since 1957, and no playoff wins since the 1991 season, being a Detroit Lions fans is a grueling experience that will test your will. That said, the new regime of general manager Brad Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell has things looking up right now. And if Lions’ fans a group are anything, they are passionate.

As a Lions fan, one can only get so excited about high draft pick after high draft pick, year after year–especially when various front offices have missed on so many of them through the years. Players have to go elsewhere to win (see Matthew Stafford). Even a playoff appearance, which has only happened three times this century, none since 2016 and twice in Jim Caldwell’s four seasons as head coach (2014-2017), would at least be something different to get excited about.

The Lions may be moving from selling hope to selling real progress in 2022, with credible and genuine people in place from the front office down to a coaching staff Campbell has filled with like-minded former players.

Every NFL team has celebrity fans, but here are 10 celebrities you may not realize are Detroit Lions fans.

10 celebrities you might not realize are Detroit Lions fans

10. Aretha Franklin

“The Queen of Soul” passed away in 2018, but she still deserves a spot on this list. How hard core a Lions’ fans she was is unclear, but her rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” at the Thanksgiving Day game in 2016 stands as a memorable moment–as Franklin sang it behind a piano while donning a Lions’ winter hat.

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