Lions running back Jamaal Williams fined for Week 3 touchdown celebration

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Jamaal Williams was surprised he drew a penalty for his touchdown celebration last Sunday, and now his wallet is a little lighter too.

After doing a touchdown celebration he said pre-dates the famous “Hingle McCrinkleberry” skit from “Key and Peele”, Lions running back Jamaal Williams was shocked he drew a penalty.

I’ve been doing this forever. So now my stuff is correlated to (’Key & Peele’), and nothing against them, but that’s mine. That’s my hips. And it’s not even thrusting. It’s more like a wave, you know? Thrusting is more like (this). Mine’s more like a wave. That’s why I should get away with it, and I’ve been getting away with it all these years. But now they want to bust me for it? I was pissed.

A fine was possibly coming, and on Saturday NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported Williams has been fined $13,261–or $3,315.25 per pump, or “wave” as Williams termed his motions.

Pelissero couldn’t avoid adding some levity.

Jamaal Williams fined more for hip-thrusting then he could’ve been fined for throwing a punch, being ejected

Williams is not the first Lion to draw a fine for an on-field act from the league this season. Safety Tracy Walker earned an ejection in Week 1 against the Philadelphia Eagles, after a hit on quarterback Jalen Hurts. He then threw a punch, for a second personal foul and the automatic exit from the game.

Walker’s fine for his indiscretions?

$11,139, as reported at the time by NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and some others.

So quite literally, the NFL league office fines you more for…let’s call it a suggestive touchdown celebration than it does for a helmet-to-helmet hit on a sliding quarterback, throwing a punch and being ejected from a game.

Over $2,000 more.

So don’t pump, gyrate etc. your hips more than twice when celebrating a touchdown, or you’ll be fined more than you will be for a dangerous hit and throwing a punch. Quite a lesson the NFL is passing down to younger football players with aspirations to play in the league.

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