5 wide receivers the Detroit Lions could trade for to replace DJ Chark

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If the Detroit Lions try to go that way to replace DJ Chark, these five wide receivers are potential trade targets.

The free agency departure of wide receiver DJ Chark surely did not catch the Detroit Lions off-guard, as it seems they drew a line in the sand with him in contract talks. He of course did, eventially, sign a one-year deal with the Carolina Panthers.

The Lions could move to what’s left on the free agent market for some options to replace Chark. Maybe the draft will bring in someone interesting. There’s also a case that Jameson Williams is an in-house replacement, making there no need to pursue outside options to replace Chark. Maybe the roster spot could be filled from the outside, but not necessarily the role Chark eventually fully filled when he was healthy late last season.

But moving toward a season with high expectations, the Lions shouldn’t leave any notable holes unfilled. So a noteworthy move to fill a void left by Chark can’t be completely ruled out. On the veteran route, the trade market looks to bear better potential fruit than the scraps that remain in free agency.

With that in mind, here are five wide receivers the Lions could trade for to replace Chark.

5 wide receivers Detroit Lions could trade for to replace DJ Chark

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