Detroit Lions lined up to be in plenty of prime time games in 2023

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As a team with plenty of positive buzz around them, the Detroit Lions are lined up to play in a few prime time games in 2023.

Coming off a 3-13-1 record in 2021, it was not surprising the Detroit Lions were not originally scheduled for any prime time games last season. Of course they had the annual Thanksgiving game, which is a big stage and one of the most watched NFL games every year, and the Week 18 finale against the Green Bay Packers was flexed into Sunday Night Football.

With eight wins in their last 10 last season to finish above .500, after a notable run in free agency and with the ability to add more talent in the draft (four of the top 55 picks), the Lions are getting ample attention. Head coach Dan Campbell welcomes the higher expectations.

So when the 2023 regular season schedule comes out, in May, the Lions should have a few primetime games scheduled–be it Monday night, Thursday night or Sunday night. And it appears that’s their expectation.

Detroit Lions expect to be playing some prime time games in 2023

During his session with the media at this week’s league meetings, Lions’ president Rod Wood talked about the 2023 schedule.

Certainly I think we’ll be on more than just Thanksgiving. I don’t know how many more,” Wood told the media. “There’s going to be more opportunity for primetime games too because there’s going to be three simulcast games on Monday Night Football with ABC and ESPN, so that’s two more. There’s going to be the Amazon game the day after Thanksgiving which obviously we wouldn’t play, but it creates another primetime game for another team. I think that there’s more inventory which should enhance our opportunity as well as just the outlook for the team. Talking to Howard Katz a little bit, I suspect that we’re going to get a number. I just don’t know if it’ll be the max or not.”

Wood mentioning Katz, the NFL’s Senior VP of Broadcast and Media Relations, speaks to the idea the Lions have been all but told they’ll be in a a few prime time games when the 2023 schedule comes out.

Wood did mention a preference to have prime time games at home, and they are lined up to play overseas this season in Germany with the Kansas City Chiefs the rumored opponent. Wood mentioned again how it’d be ideal to play overseas this year, rather than 2024 when the Lions would surrender a home game as the home team for an overseas contest.

In terms of who the Lions will play in their prime time games in 2023, expect a bit of a divisional tilt with the Packers and Vikings particularly likely. The road game against the Dallas Cowboys might be another, with the Baltimore Ravens and Los Angeles Chargers as other potentially appealing road opponents. Home games against the Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks and Las Vegas Raiders might be on the schedule makers’ prime time radar too.

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