Lions HC Dan Campbell is a major advocate of the tush push, man


Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell being in favor of the tush push is not the least bit shocking.

If you are looking for the most on-brand quote possible from Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell, I think we found it, man.

When asked about the controversial tush push play that is spreading across the NFL like wildfire, Campbell seems to be in favor of the machismo, brute-force tactic. What makes this even better is Campbell also likes the strategy involved with it, particularly when it comes to trying to stop it defensively. Once again, we are basking in the holy glory that is Campbell in front of a microphone.

Here is what Campbell said on the subject at the NFL meetings earlier last week. It’s great, man!

“I’m all good with it. I’ve got no problem, man. Because here’s why, man. I think of it defensively, man, you’ve got to have a plan to stop it. And that’s what fires me up. We’re going to have a plan to stop it.”

I do not think there is a human being out there that I would through a brick wall faster and without a second thought quite like if I were playing for Dan Fricking Campbell, man!

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell likes for the tush push to stay, man

Outside of Mike McDaniel down in South Florida, there may not be a more captivating and interesting person leading an NFL franchise these days. Although Campbell has yet to guide Detroit into the postseason, he has built an incredibly strong and undeniable culture. He is in lockstep with general manager Brad Holmes and has a great owner in Sheila Ford Hamp, man.

But this goes far beyond the culture the Lions are building, or how much we love Campbell as a personality. He is 100 percent authentic and relates to his players better than most. I mean, he used to play in the NFL. Where Campbell has a great opportunity to make some headway is if he can own the NFC North through the middle part of this decade. The Lions have a decent shot at it.

With the Green Bay Packers almost certainly pivoting off Aaron Rodgers, the Minnesota Vikings continuing to kick the can down the road financially and the Chicago Bears being forever stuck in 1985, we could see a Lions home playoff victory, potentially before we all die. It’s been a while, but the Lions are in the midst of their best run since Barry Sanders was a fricking Silverdome sorcerer.

I would love nothing more than for the Lions to win the NFC North in Week 18 with the tush push.

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