Detroit Lions Draft Day Trades Ft. Tennesee Titans, Dallas Cowboys, Philedelphia Eagles, and Pats

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Detroit Lions trade up with the New England Patriots
We all know that the New England Patriots are always a complete wild card when it comes to the NFL Draft. They’ve never seemed to have followed a trend when it comes to drafting players. They don’t follow the consensus. They always take the best player that fits them. Last year it was Cole Strange but this year it could be Jack Campbell. Always a guessing game with them.

One option that always remains on the table for New England is the fact they could trade down. If they have a specific player in mind and that player gets picked, they could very well try to trade out of the 14th overall pick to get extra draft capital. If they look to do that, Detroit could be an ideal trade candidate.

The Lions have three picks on the second day of the draft. It feels as if they’d want to move up on the first or second day of the draft to get a player that’s high on their board. In this instance, moving up to the 14th overall pick could ensure that they get one of the offensive linemen on the board or potentially an edge rusher. Here’s what the compensation could look like:

DET receives: 2023 1st Round Pick (14th overall)
NE receives: 2023 1st Round Pick (18th overall), 2023 3rd Round Pick (81st overall) and 2024 5th Round Pick
On the Drafttek trade chart, this trade would need to equal 1100 points (14th overall pick). Looking at the chart, the projected trade would be right around that 1100-point threshold. Much of that is due to the fact that the Lions 3rd round pick (81st overall) is worth a total of 185 points. There’s even potential that the Patriots could give the Lions a 6th-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft to even the trade out if needed.

For Detroit, they could look to potentially move up for a player such as Clemson edge rusher Myles Murphy. He’d be an ideal fit playing opposite of Aidan Hutchinson and should be able to produce right away. Murphy has great length for the position and plays with a terrific blend of power and speed.

Most importantly, the Lions would get in front of the Green Bay Packers to make this selection. There’s been plenty of interest from the Packers on Murphy as he’d pair nicely with Rashan Gary in that defense. If this were to happen, the Lions would continue to play spoiler and I think every fan would love to see that.

Detroit Lions trade down with the Dallas Cowboys
It’s been no secret that Jerry Jones wants to add playmakers to the Dallas Cowboys offense. They brought in Brandin Cooks but he’s only playing on a one-year contract so the Cowboys could remain aggressive and look to add another pass-catcher.

One team that the Cowboys could look to make a trade with is the Lions. The Cowboys could look to get in front of teams needing wide receiver help, too. Some of those teams are the Baltimore Ravens (22nd overall), Minnesota Vikings (23rd overall) and the New York Giants (25th overall).

I’d have to imagine that Ohio State wide receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba is already off the board by the 18th overall pick but the Cowboys could take their pick of Quentin Johnston, Jordan Addison and Zay Flowers. The draft capital could be structured like this:

DET receives: 2023 1st Round Pick (26th overall), 2023 3rd Round Pick (90th overall) and 2024 4th Round Pick
DAL receives: 2023 1st Round Pick (18th overall)
On the Drafttek trade chart, this trade would be valued at 9
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