C.J. Gardner-Johnson and Deebo Samuel have a war of words on X


Just before the San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns played each other on Sunday, both teams got into a bit of a tussle on the sideline.

It’s unknown what caused the fight or who all was involved in causing the fight. 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel was involved the fight and seemed to back down until left tackle Trent Williams came over. This caused Detroit Lions safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson to comment on the situation and take a shot at Samuel.

Samuel decided to fire back with a video of Javon Weems punching Gardner-Johnson in the face back when he was on the Saints.

Naturally, Gardner-Johnson didn’t take to kindly to this as you would expect from anyone. He fired back and took things to another level. 

After a few hours, Samuel put out another tweet responding. You’ll notice something missing from this one.

Of course the thing that’s missing is Samuel didn’t tag Gardner-Johnson in this tweet. Gardner-Johnson noticed that and called Samuel out for it. 

That’s where things have left off. It’s been an interesting watch all day. Every day I wake up and hope that these two teams meet in the playoffs. 

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