Lions’ Dan Campbell shares his thoughts on trades ahead of the deadline


The NFL trade deadline is exactly one week away from Tuesday. Teams have until 4PM on Halloween to make some deals. Everyone has been wondering what the Detroit Lions will do at the deadline this year. Will they be active or will they stick? 

Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell didn’t necessarily answer that question on 97.1 The Ticket on Tuesday morning, but he did give some thoughts on the deadline and some of things he said maybe pointed to the what the Lions may do. 

“I know he’s (Brad Holmes) going through a of things and when it becomes serious, he’ll bring it to me.” 

The Lions are expected by most NFL insiders to be buyers at the deadline. While this comment doesn’t say “yes, we’re buyers, it at least says that Brad Holmes is out there making phone calls right now. That’s something that a team that could be buyers would probably do. 

Campbell was also asked about what adding players through the deadline could do to the current teams chemistry. Here’s how he answered that. 

“Yeah, there’s nothing easy about that if it comes to that. But I think what you do is you start by addressing the captains and you let them know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and then you got to let the team know and, and they also got to know that there’s nothing personal about it, and it’s the hard side of this business.” Campbell said. “But I also would say this, this is where Brad and I, I think are really tied to the hip. He understands first of all, the value has got to be right. It’s got to be something that we feel like can help us fit us. But it also can’t be something that’s going to mess with what we got going on here. He’s mindful of that. And I appreciate that about him. That he knows what I’m talking about what we’re about, and we’re not going to mess with the vibe of his team. If I really felt that way, there is no talent that’s worth that.”

Pretty standard stuff you’d expect to hear from any coach in the league. I know there’s some Lions fans o social media maybe took this as Campbell saying that the Lions aren’t going to make a move because they don’t want to mess with the vibe, but this really seems more like the Lions wanting to be careful with whatever move, or moves, that they make because they don’t want to disrupt the vibe. 

We’ll see in the next seven days if the Lions make a move. What it sounds like right now is that they’re looking around and that they want the right player, or players, to fit their situation. 

We’ll keep updated on whatever the team decides to do this year. 

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