The Lions were right to not make a splash at the deadline


One thing I’m always going to do is be honest with my readers. I had visions of how this post deadline article was going to go since last night after the Detroit Lions win over the Raiders. I wrote up an article at midnight that said it was time for the Lions to trade for a stud at the deadline and make a run. My plan was to write something scathing if they didn’t. Turns out I’m not going to do that. 

The reason is becasue I have my wits about me right now. I had a moment of clarity if you will. I know that’s hard to do when you want your team to get a superstar and go contend. The thing is this, I sat down and really thought about two things on Tuesday. 

The first is this. The Lions were never going to get in bed with an expiring contract and I don’t know why we really ever though they would. Every edge rusher that was potentially available was on an expiring contract and the Lions would then have to take that player in and make sure they got paid a hefty salary that would be near the top of the wage at that position. 

They could have done it, but then they would have made it a little harder to get new contracts to Jared Goff, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Alim McNeil and more. The bills are coming due on these guys before you know it. The Lions can still add players in free agency next year, but they can have a little more control over what they spend then. 

The second thing is that I feel like we all sort of treated the deadline like the Lions were this finished product that’s a player or two away from it all. Like they have a bunch of old superstars who’s windows are closing and they need some guys to help them make one last run. 

This thing is far from over. The Lions are only in year three of their rebuild and it’s going very well. They’re still a very young team and there’s still a lot in store for them around the corner. Why sell out to trying to get it all now when you can get more of it later.

It’s like the marshmallow test. I’ll give you one marshmallow now and if you don’t eat it for an hour, I’ll give you another one after that. The Lions have that one marshmallow and they’re not going to eat it right now. The next marshmallow is on its way people. Just be cool for an hour. And by an hour I mean for like another six months. Then we can have a big marshmallow party and everyone can be happy.

For now, just enjoy the fact that you have a marshmallow and think of all the things you can do with a second one. 

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