Is Jack Campbell ready for green dot? Dan Campbell thinks so


It hasn’t been confirmed just yet, but the expectation at this points is that Alex Anzalone will not be playing for the Detroit Lions when they head to New Orleans to play the Saints on Sunday. That opens up a huge gap on the Lions defense and it opens up the green dot role at linebacker. 

For those not familiar with the green dot role, the green dot is essentially the quarterback of the defense. It’s usually that middle linebacker that stands in the middle of the defense and controls traffic. They also have a receiver and speaker inside their helmet and they communicate with the head coach and defensive coordinator. 

Lions rookie Jack Campbell is expected to take that role on Sunday. This is going to be a big moment for the rookie for sure, but Lions head coach Dan Campbell thinks he’s more than ready for the moment. 

“It’s right up his (Jack Campbell) alley. He embraces that. He’s a guy who wants it all. You know, he wants it all. He doesn’t want anybody to think that ‘I can’t take this job description on.’ He wants every bit of it and he hasn’t missed a beat out there. He’s been great.”

Campbell wasn’t the only coach with good reviews from Jack Campbell’s week of practice with the green dot. Defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn head some good things to day as well. 

“Well, that’s the reason we got (Lions LB) Jack (Campbell). He’s a true MIKE backer. And he has to be the one that makes all those checks and he’s capable of doing that. Smart, heady guy that’s tough. He’s built for these moments. I’m looking forward for him to be the actual mouthpiece of the defense going into this game.”

We’ll see where things go on the field on Sunday. From my perspective, I thought he did quite well when he had the green dot in preseason. I know it’s preseason, but still. 

Campbell really needs to show what he can do in coverage this week. He’s struggled there in the last few weeks. Where he’s continued to shine is in the run game. You constantly see him around the ball carrier either making a tackle or participating in a tackle. We’ll see how the first round pick does this Sunday. Could be a major game for his growth with the team. 

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