The Detroit Lions Playoff-Clinching Guide for Week 15; Franchise on the Brink of Extremely Overdue Playoff Game


The Detroit Lions playoff experience is sparse in the 21st century, but another chapter is headed to the Motor City soon. Even after losing last week, a few doors opened up for the 9-4 team to earn their first postseason trip since the 2016 season. Unlike some of the other teams in action this weekend, the Detroit Lions playoff dreams will need some help to happen. The Lions take on the Broncos on Saturday night, but here are the other games that matter to them:

  • Buccaneers @ Packers
  • Vikings @ Bengals
  • Falcons @ Panthers
  • Commanders @ Rams
  • Eagles @ Seahawks
  • Giants @ Saints

13 Ways for a Detroit Lions Playoff Berth to Become Official

  1. DET win + SEA loss/tie + GB loss/tie OR
  2. DET win + SEA loss/tie + MIN loss/tie OR
  3. DET win + SEA loss/tie + LAR loss/tie OR
  4. DET win + LAR loss/tie + TB loss + MIN loss/tie OR
  5. DET win + LAR loss/tie + GB loss + ATL loss/tie OR
  6. DET win + LAR loss/tie + GB tie OR
  7. DET tie + TB loss + SEA loss + LAR loss OR
  8. DET tie + ATL loss + SEA loss + LAR loss OR
  9. DET tie + GB loss + SEA loss + LAR loss OR
  10. DET tie + GB loss + ATL loss/tie + NO loss/tie OR
  11. DET tie + GB loss + ATL loss/tie + SEA loss OR
  12. DET tie + GB tie + MIN loss + SEA loss + LAR loss/tie OR
  13. DET tie + GB tie + MIN loss + LAR loss + ATL loss/tie

The first thing that stands out is the Lions must win or tie this weekend if they want to make their postseason dreams come true. The second is that the Rams, Seahawks, Vikings, and Packers carry a lot of weight regarding Detroit’s Week 15 fate. Even with a win, the Detroit Lions playoff drought probably won’t end when Tuesday morning rolls around.

The Lions Have Higher Hopes Than Just the Playoffs

While a Detroit Lions playoff appearance would be nice, this franchise wants to snap an even longer streak. Back in 1993, Barry Sanders, Rodney Peete, Herman Moore, Robert Porcher, and Tracy Scroggins went 10-6-0 to win the NFC Central. That was the last time that the Lions won a division title, before getting knocked out by the Green Bay Packers.

So, a Detroit Lions playoff berth is a reason to celebrate, but winning the NFC North (for the first time ever) is the mission. For starters, the NFC Central no longer exists. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were in that five-team division. It’s about time that the Lions win the NFC North, and they have a two-game lead with only four contests remaining. Let the games begin.

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