The recent play by Jared Goff looks really familiar, here’s what happened next


Let’s just call a spade a spade here. Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff is playing some really bad football right now. Some of the worst that he’s played since coming to Detroit. Take a look at what his last seven games have looked like. 

120-262 for 1,831 yards, 10 touchdowns, seven interceptions and three fumbles. He’s completed 64.8% of his passes and and has a passer rating of 86.9. 

That’s pretty bad. 10 turnovers in seven games. That’s really bad. As I sit here on Wednesday morning I couldn’t help but feel a sense of Déjà vu. There’s something very familiar about this whole stretch of games from Jared Goff. It’s like we’ve been here before. Wait! I know now. This is exactly like Goff’s first seven games with the Lions in 2021. Look at this:

181-274 for 1,773 yards, eight touchdowns, six interceptions and four fumbles. He completed 66% of his passes and had a passer rating of 84.7. 

Ok, it’s not number for number exact, but that’s incredibly close. It’s even 10 turnovers for crying out loud. We saw Goff go through this time and I remember what the reaction was. It was looking at mock drafts and wondering what quarterback would selected by the Lions. I know I was fully on board with the idea that this wasn’t going to last long. 

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