How the Lions can make Teddy Bridgwater’s retirement special


Detroit Lions quarterback Teddy Bridgewater made it known that he plans to retire from the NFL after this season in a discussion with Detroit Free Press Lions beat writer Dave Birkett on Saturday. After nine years in the NFL, Bridgewater plans to move back to Florida and coach high school football. 

Here’s where things get interesting and where the Lions can make sure that Teddy Bridgewater has a beautiful sendoff. The Lions play the Vikings in Week 18. That is of course the team that drafted Bridgewater with the 32nd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. It’s also the team he spent most of his career with and the place he was a Pro Bowl starting quarterback at. He needs to start this game. The Lions just have to make that happen. 

Obviously it’s not that simple where things stand right now. But it can be that simple when Week 18 rolls around. The Lions have an opportunity to clinch the playoffs this week if they win and some other things fall the right way. They then can clinch the division next week against the Vikings. Then they’re pretty much set as they go into their game against the Cowboys. The Lions essentially have a 1% chance to have the number one seed this year, so that’s likely out the window. So things should be good to go for Week 18. 

If they can handle their business over the next two to three weeks and everything is squared away, the Lions are able to give Teddy Bridgewater a story book ending to his career. He can start his final game against his former team and even more than likely have a chance to knock them out of the playoffs. This is a must see event if you ask me. 

So now Lions fans have a little more to cheer for in the closing weeks of the 2023 season. Playoffs, win the division, get that final game set for Teddy Bridgewater. Make it happen guys.

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