Aaron Glenn should be the most desired Lions coordinator. He ‘has it all’


Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn is closer than ever to becoming a head coach in the NFL. There’s a lot of football fans that have a hard time understanding that and I get it. The Lions defense is not the best in the league. They’re not even top five or top 10 in the league. It feels like we’re in a time were the prerequisite  of coordinators getting head coaching jobs is that they coordinate the tippy top units on either side of the ball. 

The flip side of that is that we’re also in a time period where those same guys are getting fired rapidly because that’s working out less than it’s working. One of the big reasons, in my opinion, is that these guys have trouble commanding the room and installing culture. That’s why you get guys like Andy Reid, Dan Campbell, Antonio Piece and John Harbaugh. Guys that were never coordinators, but are leaders of men. 

Aaron Glenn is a coordinator, but more so than that, he’s a leader of men and he has everything you want in a coach that can build a team up. Don’t just take it from me, take it from a guy that really doesn’t want to lose him. 

“There’s nobody works harder. There’s just there’s nobody. And he’s got great vision for putting a plan together, he understands football very well and when you start talking about his leadership, he’s one of these guys, you know, he’s special. Lions head coach Dan Campbell said. “He’s special. His ability to communicate, to relate, to push, to grind, to love, demand, he’s got it all. He’s an outstanding communicator, outstanding teacher. I’m fortunate that he’s on staff with me. He’s better looking than me.”

This is what I’ve been saying since that NFLPA poll came out. Not that Glenn is the best looking, but that he’s the most liked and respected coordinator in the league You saw it on Sunday night when every defensive player thanked Aaron Glenn. Some of them thanked Glenn before they thanked Campbell. 

Ben Johnson is going to be a good head coach. I truly believe this. Aaron Glenn is going to be a phenomenal head coach. I truly believe that more. 

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