Lions News: Jerry Jacobs WONT Get Tendered, Sign Jonathan Greenard & Kendall Fuller? Free Agency

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According to a report from ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the Detroit Lions will not offer a restricted free agent tender to cornerback Jerry Jacobs.

Jacobs is currently a restricted free agent, which means Detroit could have offered him a “right of first refusal” tender—a one-year, $2.985 million contract. Jacobs would then be free to either sign the tender or seek a better deal elsewhere. Detroit would have had an opportunity to match whatever offer he found in free agency.

Salary Cap:
Washington Commanders, $91.5 million
New England Patriots, $88.7 million
Tennessee Titans, $75.8 million
Houston Texans, $70 million
Arizona Cardinals, $56.8 million
Chicago Bears, $56.4 million
Detroit Lions, $51.4 million
Indianapolis Colts, $49.3 million
Cincinnati Bengals, $48.5 million
Seattle Seahawks, $42.4 million
Las Vegas Raiders, $42 million
Philadelphia Eagles, $41.9 million
Los Angeles Rams, $40.8 million
New York Giants, $38.2 million
Atlanta Falcons, $37.4 million
Minnesota Vikings, $37.1 million
Jacksonville Jaguars, $29.2 million
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, $20.9 million
New York Jets, $20.7 million
Green Bay Packers, $13.6 million
Carolina Panthers, $11.9 million
Pittsburgh Steelers, $7.9 million
Cleveland Browns, $6.7 million
Kansas City Chiefs, $3.4 million
San Francisco 49ers, -$285K
Baltimore Ravens, -$9.5 million
Dallas Cowboys, -$10.6 million
Denver Broncos, -$16.3 million
New Orleans Saints, -$17.1 million
Los Angeles Chargers, -$25.6 million
Miami Dolphins, -$31.6 million
Buffalo Bills, -$40.6 million

Most fans know how instrumental Chris Spielman has been in the Detroit Lions transformation, but one analyst believes the rest of the world doesn’t know — but should.

Speaking at the NFL Combine this weekend, team reporter Dannie Rogers asked league analyst Charles Davis what he saw in this Lions squad that told him they were going perform well this season.

“The things that started with Mrs. Hamp hiring Chris Spielman,” he said. “I think that kind of went below the radar. Ex-Lion coming back to be kind of a special assistant and all that — there’s an influence that he has that I don’t think gets appreciated by the national people.”

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